Hello.  My name is James and I am Sandal Computers.

I can help with Internet and other networking issues, Windows, Mac or Linux PC & laptop software problems, upgrades and virus clean-ups, web sites, web apps and hosting.

I also PAT test electrical items and perform data recovery on USB sticks, flash cards, hard disks and optical media.

If there is anything else you think I can help you with, just ask.

The workshop is open Mondays 10-6, Tuesdays 10-6, Thursdays 10-6, Fridays 9-12 and occasional Weekends for drop-offs and collections. Please call the workshop to ensure I am available prior to arrival.

There's a call-out fee of only £15 to cover travel expenses and I am available for emergency call-outs.

Repairs and upgrades are best carried out in the workshop to ensure good workmanship and prolong the life of your equipment.

Laptop and PC repairs usually cost upwards of just £30 depending on parts, and may take a while (from 3 days to 2 months) if parts are awaiting delivery.

Websites can typically take several weeks to complete when started from scratch. I offer a logo design service to go alongside my website design service. Prices start at £120 for a basic static site, with domain name (i.e. pgaccountants.co.uk) registration, hosting and updates extra. Content Management systems are available (and highly recommended for businesses) at extra cost.

PAT testing of electrical items such as kettles, extension cables, microwaves, heaters, computers, adaptors, lamps, etc, starts at £2 per item, with discounts for bulk tests.

Data recovery can be unpredictable, and isn't always possible with physically damaged media (broken or cracked disk or platter, damaged head) but can save hours or even weeks of stress trying to recreate that masterpiece presentation or homework assignment. Rates differ according to media, damage extent, recovery length and amount of data (so a piece of school or university coursework will cost less than a server-full of customer data.)

I have over 20 years experience of maintaining and building computers & servers and developing software solutions.  I've worked for Education Leeds and Research Machines Plc. carrying out field support for schools and academies, including the flagship South Leeds Academy, managing enterprise-grade infrastructure for over 2000 students and staff over several servers including updates, deployment and enforcing & developing data security policies.