• Desktop PC and Laptop maintenance

    If you need more memory, a faster CPU, new graphics card, new hard disk or replacement screen. One call with your system make and model and I can let you know how much the work will cost. If your machine is slow, I can find the upgrade to suit. I also remove viruses and can restore your system to original settings.
  • Upgrade to Linux

    Tired of Windows slowness and memory-hungry applications? Think there's a better way to use your computer? Upgrade to Linux Ubuntu, or Debian Mint editions. You only pay for the work - not your operating system! Linux is open source, which means you are free to do whatever you want with it, including copy it and download the free software with a click of your mouse.

    I also offer a server upgrade service to upgrade your Windows Server or SBS server to Ubuntu Server.
  • Parental controls and lock-down for tablets and PCs

    Make your desktop, laptop or tablet safer and more secure. Make it harder for viruses and malicious web sites and programs to ruin your system. Control Internet access and block web sites for safer browsing. As not all software is written securely, I also test and check your programs to make sure they work with your new improved security.
  • Security & Back-up

    Your desktop, network and servers hold reams of precious information, run critical services and provide indispensable services to your business. If these were to be compromised or misused by a malicious user, you risk leaking or even losing your data. By improving network settings, firewall configuration, service profiles, back-up schedules and employing modules & tools, you can greatly minimise the risk of unauthorised access and loss of data.
  • Internet & networking

    Restricted wireless range? Installing extra wireless access points can increase coverage and speed in large or poorly-serviced areas. Slow (or laggy or droppy) connections can be diagnosed and appropriate action taken or advised. Adding servers or workstations? I can install extra PoE-capable network points and switches, Cat 6e cabling and patch panels, using a bona-fide contractor for any required building alterations.