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Our Services

  • PAT Safety Testing

    Portable Appliance Testing ensures that your electrical appliances and equipment are safe to use. Most defects are found by visual inspection, while other invisible faults require electrical safety...

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  • Data Destruction

    A special service for companies and individuals who want to safely and securely remove data from media. More than just a simple format of a disk, multiple low-level writes to the media are used to...

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  • Data Recovery

    Repair of damaged USB sticks, recovering accidentally deleted files from USB sticks, external hard disks and memory cards and recovering data on a non-booting or corrupt system, etc… Get back your...

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  • Repairs & Upgrades

    Desktop PC and Laptop maintenance If you need more memory, a faster CPU, new graphics card, new hard disk or replacement screen. One call with your system make and model and I can let you know how...

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  • Web Services

    Whether you just want somewhere to host a 2-page static web site or a complete, on-line business management system with secure e-mail, you'll find what you need here. I hold a range of popular CMS...

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